You are subject to the same obligations as the French students. It is therefore imperative that you take the final exams, even if some of the classes are not credited by your home institution. If these rules are not respected we reserve the right to refer the matter to the home institution.
Exams are to be taken at the scheduled date and time and under the form requested by the teacher. There will be no re-sit exam in case of failure.

An official transcript of grades will be sent in duplicate to your home Institutions at the end of your studies in the Global BBA program.

Pedagogical Rules & Regulations

Exchange student must comply with the starting date of each semester, including the orientation days. They must ask the agreement of emlyon business school for any late arrival.
Attendance at classes is compulsory. Missing courses may be sanctioned by a 0.
If the student plans to miss one week, he/she has to ask emlyon business school beforehand for its agreement (which is not guaranteed).
The student must attend the workgroups in which he is enrolled.
Non–validated courses will appear on the transcript of records and won’t be removed.

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